I have some questions. How can I contact you ?

You can use the contact form we have available. You may also use the live chat system in the bottom right corner of the site where you can speak to an agent directly. These agents are trained to deal with technical support and billing issues.

Can I upgrade my package ?

Yes. This option is available from your dashboard. You will find the best upgrade prices available.

How can I withdraw my zcash ?

Automatic withdrawals when you reach 0.01 ZEC . You may also automatically convert to Bitcoin. The option is available in your dashboard.

You use H/s instead of sol/s ?.

Yes when we complied our mining software it was coded in as H/s and the pool is also H/s. Just to be clear that 1 H/s = 1 sol/s.

Many miners from china use this standard.

The confusion stems from several areas:

  • Bitcoin uses SHA256d(block_header) -> difficulty check for its PoW
  • People who are used to mining Bitcoin think of H/s as being equivalent to SHA256d runs/s (which it is).
  • Zcash uses Equihash(most_of_block_header) -> SHA256d(block_header) -> difficulty check for its PoW.
  • Equihash produces on average approximately 2 solutions per run.
  • Thus some people approximate 1 Equihash run/s = 0.5 H/s (== 0.5 Sol/s), but that is an approximation.
  • Some developers (in particular, NiceHash) assume that 1 Equihash run is equivalent to 1 SHA256d run, and therefore that 1 Equihash run/s == 1 H/s. This is incorrect.
  • The correct way to calculate the solution rate is to count the actual number of solutions found, which is exactly equal to the number of times the block hash is checked against the target. Thus 1 Sol/s = 1 H/s.
  • The reason Zcash uses Sol/s is because it is unambiguous what solutions per second means, whereas H/s clearly causes confusion with developers (and therefore with users).

Will I get the advertised speed ?

All orders are subject to + or – 2%. We run 6x H81. That’s 6 graphics cards each on Asrock H81 motherboards. Our mining software cant split the cards so your order will be just under or just over.

When does my service start ?

Your secure URL , Username and Password will be Emailed to you after 3 confirmations from our payment processor.

How do you make money ?

We are selling 80% of the hashing power to Zcash miners out there and keeping 10% for our self’s and 10% to our angel investor.

How do I get paid ?

After Genesis Block you will be able to generate a Zcash address then enter it into the secure members area. We will send out payments every 6 hours.

Hidden costs ?


Do you have discount coupons ?

Yes we do. You may use 1 code per order. Please ask staff if any are available.

Will I be solo mining ?

No.We will be pooling everyone’s hashing power together for free.  You will earn an amount of Zcash based on how much Sol power you have and the total hash rate of the network.

What Hardware have you guys got ?

We are working with a graphics card supplier who has secured as a large mixtures of cards from AMD. We will be running these cards 6 per board all cabinets are air cooled. We also have a supply of nvidia card we may deploy depending on the hash rate after the first zcash block.

Who are you guys ?

We are a 17 man and 1 woman team of engineers based in China. Have you ever seen an ALT coin launch and wondered where all that hashing power came from ? . It was probably us. We have been in the mining game for a very long time however this will be our biggest project to date.

Are your prices for real ?

We give you the best rate possible. We make zero profit from you or the mining pool.

Our profit come directly from our 10% of the mining hardware.When the service is sold out we will be 10% of the total hashing power of  the Zcash mining pool. We are not sure what the total amount of hashing power will be.We don’t know because every couple of days we are able to compile new versions of the mining software which enables us to get a few more H/s.

Can I have more information about your company ?

You have to be careful nowadays with your Bitcoins and would not expect anything less from the savvy customers we get today. We ask that you google us and see what people are saying. After purchase we would like you to take to your favorite form and tell them about your experience with us , Google knows everything.

How can I pay for the Zcash cloud mining contract ?

You can pay for your Zcash miner contract via BTC , ALT coin , and bank transfer. If you want to pay by bank transfer contact us so we can give you a reference number to add to your transaction from your bank.